Unbelievably Dependable

Criminal Defense

I was accused of a crime that threatened my reputation, my freedom, and my professional role when an embittered adolescent with social-emotional needs falsely accused me of physical assault. Having had very limited exposure to criminal proceedings previously, I had no idea what to expect and was, to say the least, terrified. Mr. Daniels was more than trustworthy, knowledgeable, and responsive, he was real. He provided me with the insight I required to maintain my sanity during an incredibly difficult time in my life. Though he had much larger cases than mine, I only discovered this through happenstance and otherwise would never have known I wasn't the most important he had ever had.
I was acquitted of all wrongdoing, and that was fantastic, but what Mr. Daniels provided was more than a just outcome. He provided a sense of well-being when I need it most.
Thanks, Greg.

- Anonymous

Exceptional attorney, by far the best services I have ever seen.

Criminal Defense

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Greg went above and beyond in his representation of me, and I felt he took a personal interest in my case. It was like being represented by a close friend instead of someone only doing the job they were hired to do. I have actually used his services on three occasions, and recommended him to multiple people. In the event I or anyone I know ever needs an attorney again or I will only use/reccomend Greg.

- Matt

Gregory Daniels Goes the Extra Mile, I Highly Recommend Him, Very Thankful for His Service

Criminal Defense

I am very glad I had the opportunity to be a client of Gregory Daniels. He was patient with me, knowledgeable and answered all my questions thoroughly. He fully understood my situation and helped me in all stages of the process. He was determined to help me and believed in me. I can honestly say that I could see beyond a professional, a heart that is dedicated to serve. Gregory Daniels went the extra mile to help me, I didn't even have to show up to court! He got my case dismissed and I was so blessed to know that I could trust him. My fear and concern for the uncertain future went away as Gregory explained my options and possible outcomes. I highly reccomend Gregory and admire him as a person. If you are questioning whether to move forward or not, I can tell you, this decision to work with him will be the best you will ever make. I am very blessed. Thank you Gregory for caring.

- Yami

Most fortunate to have hired Greg!

Criminal Defense

Greg Daniels is extremely intelligent, understands the legal system, empathetic, and results orientated. I was in a horrible situation and he was referred to me by divorce attorney. I don't even want to think of the results had I had a different attorney. His expertise and advise resulted in the Court dismissing the charges. Greg also had my records sealed. I view myself most fortunate for hiring Greg!

- Kathy

Thank you Greg, You have been a great representation.

Criminal Defense

Having turned to Greg twice on a related circumstance, I cannot explain just how helpful and aggressive he has been in my defense. Thank you Greg, you have proven you will go WAY above and beyond the standard of what I have ever found in other attorneys through the years.

- David

The most honest and trustworthy lawyer I ever met

Criminal Defense

I was charged with a felony and needed an attorney with significant expertise with felonies, as I was literally in jeopardy of losing everything. I have had prior arrests and was in horrible position. I was facing significant jail time and that felony charge would have put me in a position of losing my job. I am a professional and was skeptical of other attorneys because it seemed like they were just after telling me what I wanted to hear just to earn my business. Mr. Daniels took the time to explain to me the pros and cons, answered all my questions, and told me the best and worst case scenarios if I either took it to trial or took a plea. He was extremely knowledgeable and an incredible negotiator. In the end, I did not receive any jail sentence, nor was I convicted of a felony! Words cannot explain how professional Mr. Daniels was in every aspect of my case. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this attorney. Good, understanding, and seasoned lawyers are hard to find, especially at such a great rates. Thank you so much!

- Michelle

Excellent Professional - Exceptional Person

Criminal Defense

Mr. Daniels exceeded our expectations. His knowledge of the law and demeanor in the court room and overall professionalism and negotiation skills with his peers achieved the desired results in two cases. He is very approachable, respectful, humble, and takes the time to explain the legal process in laymen's terms. If needed, I would hire Mr. Daniels again in a heart beat.

- Anonymous

Awesome Attorney

Criminal Defense

I was very impressed with how Greg handeled everything about my case. He was amazing in court. I would reccommend Greg to anybody that needs his representation. He's honest and has a great sense of humor. He will do you right.

- Anonymous
Colorado v. S, January 2016

Not Guilty verdicts in Domestic Violence charges of Assault and Harassment in Jeffco.

Colorado v. H, June 2015

Won a contested restitution Hearing where my client charged was charged at fault in a car acciden.

Colorado vs. R, March 2012

Jury trial resulting in client receiving no jail time following offer of 60 days in jail in a Denver assault case.

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