Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic Violence charges are unique in the sense that if police are called out on a DV charge, more than 9 times out of ten, someone will be arrested. Domestic Violence charges are very serious in many ways. A conviction affects your ability to possess a firearm, may impact you in a domestic relations case and carries with it an obligation to do many weeks of counselling, which classes are both a time and monetary obligation.

The Daniels law Firm handles many Domestic Violence charges. The DV label can be applied to any charge but typically, it is assault, harassment or criminal mischief. Many times there is a 911 call from someone. That call is many times the first step to domestic violence prosecution. Once the police arrive, they will try to assess the situation within minutes. Once they make the determination as to who is being arrested, efforts from that point appear geared toward supporting that determination.

It is imperative you have an attorney for a Domestic Violence case. There are subtleties with both the prosecution and within the police reports that the Daniels law Firm is accustomed to identifying and handling successfully. There have been many cases dismissed or won here because of the understanding of the dynamics in a DV case.

We will make sure you understand your rights and are able to exercise them. We will make sure that you are treated fairly We make sure that you have a voice in what happens, while providing answers to any questions you may have. Issue often arises as to where the accused is going to stay and issue with kids may arise as well.

The Daniels Law Firm understands and appreciates the difficulties caused by Domestic Violence charges. We will work to minimize any immediate impact on your life and defend you against the allegations that are made.

Colorado v. S, January 2016

Not Guilty verdicts in Domestic Violence charges of Assault and Harassment in Jeffco.

Colorado v. H, June 2015

Won a contested restitution Hearing where my client charged was charged at fault in a car acciden.

Colorado vs. R, March 2012

Jury trial resulting in client receiving no jail time following offer of 60 days in jail in a Denver assault case.

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