Gregory Daniels

Denver Criminal Defense

Mr. Daniels has practiced criminal defense law since 1996. After five years as an assistant public defender in Palm Beach County, Florida, Mr. Daniels relocated to Denver. Following several years working in civil litigation defense handling only a handful of criminal defense cases, in 2006, Mr. Daniels once again started practicing criminal defense on an almost exclusive basis while working for a private law firm. After nearly seven years at that firm, the Daniels Law Firm was born in October 2012.

During his law career, Mr. Daniels has handled many different types of cases. In the criminal defense realm, he has handled everything from traffic matters and municipal offenses to Murder and federal crimes. DUI cases and Domestic Violence cases are a common part of his practice.

Mr. Daniels has tried misdemeanor and felony cases in state courts in Florida and in Colorado as well in Federal Court in the District of Colorado. Many of those trial outcomes can be seen in the Successful Outcomes section of this website. Mr. Daniels has tried cases involving Murder, Burglary, Robbery, DUI, Domestic Assault, Distribution of Drugs, Theft, and many other type charges.

Personally, Mr. Daniels was born in Hartford, Connecticut, raised in Palm Beach Gardens Florida and moved to Colorado in 2001. Mr. Daniels has a Finance degree from Florida Atlantic University and Law Degree, cum laude, from Florida State University.

Lakewood v. S, August 2018

Assault, facing six months in jail. Found Not guilty by jury trial 8/ 10/18.

State v. L, Arapahoe County July 2018

Sexual Assault – Domestic Violence & Second Degree Assault – Domestic Violence, facing possible life in prison. Case dismissed after pending for 1 year.

Denver v. B, October 2017

Not Guilty verdicts in jury trial where client charged with Domestic violence assault, disturbing the peace and wrongs to minors.

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