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Greg Daniels is an experienced criminal defense lawyer serving Denver and the surrounding area. He has handled every type of criminal defense case, from traffic matters and DUIs to murder and federal crimes. There is no criminal charge that is too big or too small for the Daniels Law Firm.


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Do You Need a Criminal Attorney in Denver?

If you are being investigated for a crime or charged with a crime, you need a criminal attorney. The first step in managing your situation is hiring an experienced criminal attorney who is familiar with federal and Colorado criminal law and the Denver court system.

Criminal Defense Services Provided By Daniels Law Firm:

  • Setting expectations for the entire criminal case process
  • Counsel on how to deal all aspects of being charged with a DUI or crime
  • Help understanding your legal options
  • Comprehensive legal services, including trial and negotiation

Colorado v. S, January 2016

Not Guilty verdicts in Domestic Violence charges of Assault and Harassment in Jeffco.

Colorado v. H, June 2015

Won a contested restitution Hearing where my client charged was charged at fault in a car acciden.

Colorado vs. R, March 2012

Jury trial resulting in client receiving no jail time following offer of 60 days in jail in a Denver assault case.

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